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KVK Obtained

We are glad to announce our partnership in Netherlands that now we obtained KVK .

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Modification for Symphony Shipping

•Main dimensions (Loa X B X T) 125 X 18.0 X 7.8 mtr.

•Propulsion system for DP2 operation with abt. ERN=92 performance. Consisting of 2 ducted azimuthing thrusters aft, and 3 bowthrusters forward. Driven by 3 main engines of aggregate 7400 kW output in combined diesel-direct and diesel-electric configuration.

•10500 DWT, 429.000 cft hold volume.

•A large single hold of completely box shaped form.

•Large loading floor area for project cargoes, including complete movable tweendeck.

•2 X 85 tons cargo cranes.

•Deckhouse placed on foreship for better protection of deck cargo and enabling to load oversized items over the stern.

•Open top notation; sailing in all weather conditions without maindeck hatches to transport large project cargoes without height restrictions.

•The Ferus Smit ECO bulbless Canoe type bow, designed to reduce fuel costs and better sustained speed with excellent sea keeping behavior in harsh weather and sea state conditions.


• Revision,

• Fuel system modification, repair,

• Controll platforms installation,

• Installation of new steel structures on board

Role - Subcontractor

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Fincantery project

Cruise vessels building at Vard SY Tulcea,

More than 100 qualified welders and hull builders involved during 1 year contract.


• Prefab

• Sections, GB assembly

• All types of welding

• Pipeworks

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Equipment for Lithuanian Maritime Academy (LMA)

Turn key project for Lithuanian Maritime Academy (LMA)  Fire hazard training center.

Modul B contains 5 new areas:

1. Panic room

2. Control room

3. Fire hazard training room

4. Warehouse

5. Open air top deck


• Fire simulation gas owen

• Fire simulation bed

• Fire simulation TV

• Fire resistant wall protection

• Drain system

• Smoke generator

• Noise gererator

• Fire simulation light set

• Online surveillance cameras

• Electricity instalation

 And more other features...

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